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१८ चैत्र २०७०, मंगलवार ०३:४३ मा प्रकाशित

This is Ashlesh Sharma, (Nicknamed Ally). I am a talent and a model at the Hollywood Showcase June 26-29, 2014, at Los Angeles, California. I am proud to be the first Nepali girl to be representing my completely global Nepali Community throughout the entertainment world! My goal at the showcase is to get an agent and/or a manager so my dream career can kick off. Please help me by supporting both morally and financially. I want my supporters to be the reason I reach where I want to end up which is Disney Channel, the biggest entertainment center in the Hollywood business. Special thanks to Krishna KC and every single contributor to help me reach my dream!
My contact information is – E-mail through my dad-
[email protected];
Contact Phone # – 1-385-259-4659

Thank you

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