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Time for choose one; vote for good one




My respected seniors, friends, community leaders, media personnel and Nepali American Community!

First of all, I would like to announce my candidacy for Media Coordinator of NRN NCC of USA. With all of your love and support, I believe I can make this position and do my best for fellow Nepalese residing in the USA. In the meantime, without active support and participation of all of you, nothing is achievable. I therefore request for your kind support, love and your precious vote in this election.
After general idea sharing with individuals, brain storming with respected personnel in the San Francisco Bay Area, phone conversation with friends, US Media Counterparts and well wishers, I declared to announce my Candidacy for the position of NRN-NCC of USA — Media Coordinator

I live in Grater San Francisco Area, California. Non-profit is my passion; journalism is my life another way to reach global Nepali Community, and invention is my breath. NRN NCC of USA, Media Coordinator is combination of all of these vary qualities that I deserved. Being a non-profit expert and professional journalist; I am seeking to be the best shot when elected for the position of Media Coordinator.
I did Master Degree (MA) in Sociology from Tribhuvan University. I am a pride and people person, team building is my motto. I am a Non-profit professional, associated more than 20 years in program development, planning, monitoring and evaluation, feasibility studies, fund raising, policy development, research, resource development while working three different counties of South Asia.
I have a history record of winning $20,000.00 as a program leader among 17 countries in Asia and the Pacific Region in the year 2000. Now, I am working as a Corporate Business Pricing Analyst. Being a Media person, I am also a Member of US Press Organization and Nepal America Journalist Association.
Most of you know, I am doing Multi-media Journalism, pioneer of SKY Forum, did talks on myself developed system, you can see on my YouTube channel and some more online channel so far. Immigration Forum is one of the so popular among the all. I specially would like to thank Nepali online medias, America Nepal Television and my fellow media personnel who encouraged me throughout.

If I am elected for Media Coordinator, NRN NCC of USA will do the following besides the bylaws and the board assigns:
1. I already started NRN SKY Forum. This program will be continued as NRN NCC of USA MEDIA FORUM that connects Global Nepali Community.
2. I will continue NRN Immigration Forum, focusing immigration problem, issues and situation among Nepali Community in the USA.
3. Will start NRN Socio-Cultural Forum, emphasizing Nepali Socio-Cultural life.
4. Campaign for Bhutanese-Nepali American and Nepali American socio-cultural practices “hand to hand for common cultural practice” the way we go.
5. NRN NCC of USA — Global Media Campaign for any issues decided by the board to be addressed.

As we all are agreed Media Coordinator is a very challenging job to overcome but our collective ideas make it an opportunity within our Nepali Community. I need everybody’s love, support and suggestion to make this as a grand success.

Together Everybody Achieves More, lets make a TEAM!

Thank you and Namaste!!

Krishna Sanjel –KC (Krishna KC)
Castro Valley, California
[email protected]

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