Nepal shares views with former monarch but damns him nonetheless

२४ फाल्गुन २०६८, बुधबार १०:४६ मा प्रकाशित

KATHMANDU: Here is what was long feared. Former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has joined deposed king  Gyanendra in saying “nationalism, democracy and public safety have become a matter of grave concern.”

He has come out in support of the former king who has after attending a religious ceremony in Jhumka of Sunsari district had urged political parties to strengthen nationalism, public safety and democracy.

“I would like to stress on three things, which I have found in a weak state. Nationalism, public safety and democracy are three vital things we need to strengthen, then only peace and stability is possible,” the King had said. And Nepal has come out supporting it.

Here is what he has said “Nepali lands are being occupied by the southern neighbour on a regular basis and the  government is keeping a stoic silence”, and he continued, “The government is encouraging violence and public life is becoming increasingly difficult due to laxity in security situation”.

He went on to say further, “the largest party in the constituent assembly is adhering to undemocratic principles and is marching on the course to capture the state in an undemocratic manner.”

He added, “However, if Gyanendra is plotting for the revival of the institution of monarchy then let me tell him frankly to stop day dreaming. The institution is only limited in the pages of history.
That will not happen. We will at any cost shatter those conspiracies. If he moves then he will do it at his own peril.”

“Even if parties fail to conclude peace and constitutional processes on time the hard-fought republican, federal and secular order will remain forever.”

However Gyanendra too committed blunders by not heeding to frequent requests made by cunning and power monger politicos of the likes of Girija Prasad and Madhav Nepal thus they conspired against the institution of monarchy

सम्बन्धित खवर

काठमाडौँ । राष्ट्रिय सूचना आयोगले सूचना नदिने ३३ कार्यालय प्रमुखलाई कारबाही गरेको छ । आयोगले सूचनाको हकसम्बन्धी ऐन, २०६५ को

नुवाकोट । शनिबार विहान भुकम्पको धक्का महसुस भएको छ । आज बिहान ५ बजेर २६ मिनेट जाँदा  भुकम्पको धक्का महसुस

म्याग्दी । म्याग्दीको मालिका गाउँपालिका–४ का विभिन्न स्थानमा पहिराका कारण ६ परिवार विस्थापित भएका छन् । छिपछिपेमा पाँच र महभिरमा

काठमाडौँ । निर्वाचन आयोगले नेपाल सरकारबाट तोकिएको आउँदो मङ्सिर ४ गते हुने सङ्घीय र प्रदेशसभा सदस्यको निर्वाचन एकै चरणमा सम्पन्न